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Sunday Funday


This Sunday we decided to check out Charlestown beach in Rhode Island. We packed the car with gear and set off in hopes of finding good skim. Unfortunately, the waves weren't ideal for skimming so we decided to just kick it on the beach instead. We tossed the frisbee, snapped a couple photos and relaxed until sundown. Check out a few of the shots we took down below. 


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OOTD because I'm embracing my inner white girl.

It was a gorgeous day to say the least. 

Here's a quick rundown of what I wore today. I got a Sperry care package in this morning and inside was this pair of their new 7 Seas pro shoes. They've got an awesome neoprene upper around the heal that's stupid comfy and a mesh upper in the front that kept my feet breezy af brah. I obviously had to match my Hook and Gaff camo strap with the camo accents on my shoes. You can get the watch and strap. Shorts are Vineyard Vines 8 inch khaki breaker shorts that I hemmed down to 5.5 inches because I need me knees to be exposed for extra movement or random squats. 

Awesome custom knife I got from Deejo Knives. You're able to pick out the metal finish, type of wood, blade design, and text down the handle. 

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Mahi Leather

About two weeks ago I had the privilege to start working with a brand called Mahi Leather. They are a leather goods brand out of the UK that donates $1.50 to clean water causes with every purchase, while also offering an amazing price point. You can read more about their story here. I've been putting it up to the test for the past week now and it's awesome. It also makes your car smell like it has expensive leather interior which was a bonus for me. This is the bag that I picked out. 

It makes for an awesome beach tote or even a high quality weekender bag. I got my initials FRDV on the side to match my license plate!

The first time I used it I stuffed a dripping wet suit into it and not a single damp spot showed up on the outside after an hour or two. Definitely would not recommend filling your high quality leather duffle with a wet saltwater wet suit, but I can tell you that It's tough stuff. 

I obviously use it more as a beach bag but that's just because I live close to the beach. I'll be putting some miles on it this summer when we start taking more trips. It honestly feels more than adequate for a trip around the world hanging off my shoulder. 

I can't wait to continue working with the people over at Mahi Leather. Thanks for reading.